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War Memorial Veterans Building

The War Memorial Veterans Building is nearly identical to the neighboring War Memorial Opera House on the exterior. However, the interior of the Veterans Building is arranged to accommodate various cultural and veterans'activities. The Herbst Theatre occupies the center of the building on the first three floors. Corridors encircle the auditorium on each floor and open into offices and meeting rooms on the outer sides. The fourth floor is similarly organized around a central two-story sky lit sculpture court, likewise surrounded by corridors which open into perimeter exhibit and gallery spaces.

The first floor of the Veterans Building has a grand main lobby providing access to the 916-seat Herbst Theatre and the San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery located in the northeast corner, as well as to first floor corridors leading to veterans and War Memorial administrative offices. On the second floor, the Green Room and its exterior loggia overlook Van Ness Avenue, with veterans'meeting and conference rooms on the north, south and west sides. The third and fourth floors, which housed the galleries and offices of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art until 1994, are currently occupied on a temporary basis by municipal offices, as well as by the Museum of Performance & Design, currently located on the fourth floor.

CLOSURE NOTICE: To accommodate a seismic retrofit and renovation, the Veterans Building, including the Herbst Theatre and The Green Room, will be closed for rentals from May 1, 2013 through August 31, 2015.

For specific information about Herbst Theatre rental availability and fees, please contact Stephanie Smith, Booking Administrator.

For Green Room rental availability and fee information, please contact Elizabeth Soberanes, Green Room Manager.

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